What Neutrailizes Hot Pepper Burn ?

What Neutrailizes Hot Pepper Burn ?

Burns from hot pepper are truly painful. Hot peppers definitely add the spice to any dish, but if gets onto your hand when you are not wearing any gloves, the actual problem starts. Your hands will start to burn and by chance if you touch other body parts with the same hands, then you had it! So, if you happened to touch hot peppers without gloves, then the first thing you should do is wash your hands thoroughly using dish washer soap. Apply enough soap and then wash the hands again with warm water.

Always keep a bottle of Pepto Bismol in your house. This will be very useful in alleviating the burn pain due hot pepper. Apply it well on the affected area and wait for thirty seconds. The pain should subside by now. If it still persists, then you can repeat the same step again.

Another thing you can do is put your hands immediately in a vessel containing milk. The hands should be put in such a manner that the affected area is submerged well in the milk. Putting hands in the milk will sooth a little wait for about three minutes. After three minutes, again apply a coat of dish washer soap and apply baking soda over it.

Sometimes, the hot pepper burns could be due to allergic reaction or reaction of a chemical known as capsaicin in an open wound. In such circumstances, instead of searching for home remedies one should seek an immediate medical assistance.

In all the above circumstances, it is evident that burns are caused due to uncovered hands. Therefore, the best way to eliminate such occurrences one must always wear hand gloves made of rubber each time they handle hot peppers.

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What Neutrailizes Hot Pepper Burn ?