Where To Buy Sea Buckthorn Plant ?

Where To Buy Sea Buckthorn Plant ?

Sea buckthorn plants are extensively exploited for their nutritional and medicinal properties. Natives of Russia and China, these plants are increasingly being grown all over the world because of their medicinal benefits.

The fruits are used extensively for their rich vitamins and mineral contents. These fruits also have numerous antioxidants and flavonoids, which help build our immune system and fight various age related disorders. You can consume the fruits as a whole. If you do not like to consume raw fruits, you can consume them in the form of jellies, sauces and juices.

If you are planning to buy and cultivate these plants, remember to place the male and female plants within a 20 feet distance for pollination.

Washington residents will easily find these plants in Raintree Nursery, Morton. They will cost approximately $22.50. These plants are not available all year round. You can buy them in between the months of September and November.

Forest Farm in Williams, Oregon sells male sea buckthorns. Leaves are also rich in antioxidants. Use them as tea leaves. These plants can easily grow in poor soil conditions. They cost a little lesser. Shell out $19.00 and you will have nice looking sea buckthorn.

Indiana has the famous Gurney’s Seed and Nursery Company in Greendale. You can buy male and female plants any time between February and April and then again between August and November.

You can always browse the internet to find a store closer to your locality. Search for nurseries around your area. Check for the authenticity of the website before placing your order.

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Where To Buy Sea Buckthorn Plant ?