Do Houseplants Cause Health Problems ?

Do Houseplants Cause Health Problems ?

Houseplants are generally easy to maintain and the water requirement is not too high. They add a lot of positive energy and ambiance indoors. Care should be taken to avoid any health problems that these plants may cause.

Make sure the plants do not attract pests or are not susceptible to diseases. People with pollen allergy should not buy decorative plants containing too many flowers as pollen dispersion can cause a lot of discomfort. 

Some houseplants are poisonous and can cause health disorders and infections if accidentally consumed by kids or pets. Houseplants should not require synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides for survival as these chemicals are not too desirable to be sprayed inside the home. 

Some of the houseplants are toxic in nature; hence care should be taken not to avoid such indoor plants inside living room where people spend a lot of time. In addition, some leaves, stem or flowers varieties can cause allergic reaction. In that case, they should be immediately removed. 

Indoor plants containing prickly leaves, seeds or flowers should be avoided as they may cause a lot of pain if mishandled. If you start sneezing, experience skin irritation, itching or rashes or feel suffocated due to strange odors or experience problems in breathing immediately after planting house plants, consider removing them from the vicinity to check whether they do not suit you. 

Certain butterflies, birds and insects are welcome with houseplants; however, mosquito bites and harmful insects should not enter your home due to their attraction to indoor plants.

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Do Houseplants Cause Health Problems