What Houseplants Clean Our Air ?

What Houseplants Clean Our Air ?

The most common and severe problem faced now days is pollution caused by enormous number of synthetic toxins emitted from paints,  carpeting, furniture and also various cleaning products used for cleaning various aapliances and quipment. This pollution also results in a number of health problems.

Even though we have enough number of options available for purifying this air pollution, you may be surprised to know that by using various indoor plants we can get rid of this air pollution from the offices or houses. It is common knowledge indoor plants are very useful in filtering out the toxins, like carbon dioxide and replacing them with oxygen for us to inhale. Though we presume all plants are useful in removing toxins like carbon dioxide and the other polluting agents from the air, all but a research conducted by NASA has confirmed that some of the indoor plants are more efficient and useful in removing toxins compared to other plants. 

Some of the plants that help in cleaning our air are philodendrons and spider plant (remove formaldehyde), massangeana, English ivy (remove tobacco), weeping fig, golden pothos, palms (remove trichloroethylene) and peace lily (removes chemical benzene). To get the best results, one should try to have plants in each room. Most of these plants are low maintenance plants that are very tolerant. It really is amazing to know what mere plants can do and how they can help us lead a healthier life.

Thus, you can say that using houseplants to clean our air is a much better and healthier option than plugging your home an air purifier.

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What Houseplants Clean Our Air