When To Move Houseplants Outdoors ?

When To Move Houseplants Outdoors ?

Feeding houseplants with the right amount of sunlight is very critical in the growth of these plants. One has to be very careful when to move the houseplants outdoors for full sunlight and when to get them back in.

Since the house plants are inside the house all the time, they are used to the climate inside the house and putting them under direct sunlight can cause more harm than good. So, it is a good idea to give them partial sunlight for a few days and then move them to direct or full sun. Once the plants have been moved to direct sunlight area, you need to observe the leaves carefully. If the leaves appear to be fading or burning or bleaching, the houseplants need to be moved into an area with lesser amount of sunlight.  

One more thing to be careful about is insects. Hence, while keeping the plants outdoors; one should keep it on tables and stands so that slugs and ants don’t get a chance to get into the pots through the drainage holes. In spite of taking precautions the plants may have been infested by insects and hence before getting them indoors again one should check if there are insects. Also, repotting in fresh soil is a good idea before bringing them back in.  

If proper care is taken, then houseplants will really grow well when they are outdoors and you would definitely see a marked change in the plants when they are brought back indoors.

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When To Move Houseplants Outdoors