Why Are My Houseplants Turning Yellow And Wilting ?

Why Are My Houseplants Turning Yellow And Wilting ?

Some of us think it is difficult to grow houseplants. Actually, it is not difficult at all. Rather it can be considered a challenging but a rewarding hobby which can be enjoyed.  If you take care of them by giving whatever they need, then the plants will also take care of you.

But you have has to be careful while purchasing a new plant. Select the one which is healthy and has green leaves. You should also look for the signs of new growth before purchasing a houseplant.

There can be many reasons for the leaves of the plants turn yellow and start wilting. If the houseplants are turning yellow, it means they are not getting enough sunlight and just by moving the plants to a much brighter and better ventilated area in the house will solve this problem.

Too much of fertilizer may also some times burn the plants. Nitrogen deficiency also makes the old leaves turn yellow; and iron deficiency is one of the other reasons for new leaves turning yellow. Some of the causes of yellow leaves are fungus, nematodes as well as some insects like aphids and mites.

When the roots grow too big, the pot is not able to accommodate them. This is also one of the causes that turn the leaves yellow. The best remedy for this is to transplant or repot the plant in to a bigger pot. In fact, potting soil should be able to provide air and moisture and be able to drain out excess water while retaining essential nutrients. Therefore, make sure you change the potting soil. Remember, the roots must have enough air, food and water, and should be able to provide oxygen to the plant roots.

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Why Are My Houseplants Turning Yellow And Wilting