How To Install A Drip Irrigation System  

     You do not need any special skills to install a drip irrigation system. There is no need for digging trenches when you use this method of irrigation. In addition, the measurements of the tubing and fittings do not have to be accurate to have a successful drip irrigation system.

     You can easily purchase drip irrigation system components but you have to be aware that the components will vary from one manufacturer to another. However, one thing remains constant and that is the drip irrigation systems are very easy to install and operate. Here are the basic steps of installing a drip irrigation system.

      The first thing that you should do is attach the backflow prevention valve to an outdoor faucet. If the water pressure in your house exceeds 50 psi, make sure you use a pressure regulator. No attach a hose fitting by threading the hose to the backflow prevention valve. Tighten it firmly and then attach 1/2 inch tubing to the hose fitting.

     Now push the locking collar up on the hose fitting. After that, push the tubing onto the hose fitting. Keeping pushing until the tubing will not budge any more. While you hold the tubing, fit the locking collar over the tubing and then tighten it carefully.

      Now all you have to do is lay the tubing where you want to irrigate. Turn on the faucet gently so that any debris inside the tubing gets flushed. This should be done before and during the installation of stake assemblies. Place you stake assemblies in the desired location and then punch a hole in the tubing using a punching tool. Incase you punch holes incorrectly, you can plug the wrong holes with goof plugs. Now fit the barbed adapter of the stake assembly into the punched hole and push the stake firmly into the ground. You might have to use a hammer to push the stake.

      Once you have installed all your stake assemblies the end of the tubing can be fitted with the end fitting. Now you can stand back and enjoy your drip irrigation system. Make sure that the mister is spraying in the correct direction. If not, just turn it.

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How To Install A Drip Irrigation System




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How To Install A Drip Irrigation System )
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