How To Make A Soaker Hose ?  

If you have just shifted to a new house and are eager to make the garden beautiful, then think about installing a soaker hose. Not only will you be able to water your garden for fraction of the cost, you can make a soaker hose yourself and save a lot of money.

In order to make a soaker hose, you will need some materials, like garden hose, drill, hose cap, a spigot to connect the hose, and a spade. Then unroll the hose pipe lay it flat on the ground. Make sure the hose is in good condition. If necessary, clean it.

Use the drill to drill holes just on one side of the hose. Make sure holes are around 1 to 2 inches apart. A point to be noted here is that it is important not to drill too many holes, or else the water will come out of the holes before it can reach the end of the hose.

The side that will not be connected to the faucet has to be blocked. For this, use the hose cap and block it. Now using the spade, dig a small trench along the edge of your garden and the rows of plants. Make sure the trench is just 3 inches deep. Now place the hose in the trench with the holes facing the plants. Cover the hose with dug out mud.

Now attach the uncapped end of the hose to the water source or faucet. In case the length of the hose is short, you can add another hose and then connect that to the faucet. Once you have connected to the faucet, turn on the faucet.

However, make sure that you allow the water to flow out with slow or moderate pressure. Keep the water flowing at this pressure for around half an hour. And, presto! your soaker hose is ready. Depending on the requirements of the plants in your garden, you can use this system of watering once or twice a day.

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How To Make A Soaker Hose




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