How To Use A Soaker Hose ?  

If you are looking for a cost efficient and easy way to water your garden, then think about installing a soaker hose. This is an excellent way to water all the plants in your garden without using water unnecessarily. A soaker hose ensures that the water reaches the roots of the plants. The traditional sprinklers tend to waste a lot of water to runoffs and evaporation, while hand watering plants is time consuming.

However, by having a soaker hose, you will not waste water, you will save money on your water bill and you will not have to stand in the garden hauling the hose around. You might be wondering How To Use A Soaker Hose ?. Well, think no more. Just read on to find out.

Soaker hose is invariably made from recycled rubber. However, you can even make a soaker hose using a normal garden hose. However, make sure that the length of the hose is less than fifty feet. If you use a longer hose, then water will not get distributed evenly towards the end of the hose.

Place the hose on the ground. Though many will tell you bury the hose, it is not advisable. Make sure the hose is laid out in a straight line without any twists or curves. The hose should be around 1 to 2 inches away from the plant base. It is best to lay the hose along the edge of the vegetable or flower bed.

When you buy the soaker hose, it will come in a coiled package. This means that when you open it, it will keep curling back into a coil. In order to prevent this, pin the hose to the ground using U-shaped metal pins that are used for landscaping. The pins should be fixed every twenty-four inches.

Once you have fixed the hose, cover it with mulch. Not only will the mulch help to keep the moisture in the soil, it will also disguise the hose and keep your garden from looking ugly or unkempt.

Now connect one end of the soaker hose to the water source. Turn on the water at a slow or moderate pressure. Allow the water to run for around thirty minutes and then check how much the soil has soaked. Usually you should allow the water to soak in around eight to twelve inches each time you use a soaker hose.

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How To Use A Soaker Hose




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