Easy Organic Vegetable Gardening  

If you are health conscious and want to eat fresh vegetables that are free of chemicals and pesticides, then you should go for organic vegetable gardening. By growing your own vegetables organically, you can be assured that you are getting nothing but the best. Also, it will ensure that all summer you have fresh fruits and vegetables that are nutritious and contaminant-free.

Here are some tips for easy organic vegetable gardening that will make this hobby extremely rewarding and also improve your health.

Make sure that when you are planning on growing organic vegetables, you actually look for organic seeds. If you cannot find organic seeds in your local nurseries, then order via a mail catalogue or online. Stick to those vegetables that grow well in your area. Follow the instructions that come with seeds and plant them. Make sure that the soil is rich in nutrients. If not, add wood ash and compost into the soil to make it nutrient rich before sowing the seeds.

If you are not a city dweller, then you can use the droppings of your sheep, goats and cows to provide natural manure for your vegetables. However, if you do not want to use this form of manure, you can use your kitchen waste and other organic material from your garden to make a compost to fertilize your plants.

You can also avoid weeds and pests by opting for companion gardening. This way you will have different varieties of vegetables growing together. If pests are a problem, check out the local nursery for organic pesticides. Grow vegetables like beans and squash, or beans, corn and potatoes together. The beans will increase the nitrogen levels in the soil. The beans will grow using the corn as a support, while the corn and potatoes will inhibit the growth of weeds.

There are many simple ways to start an organic vegetable garden. All you need to do is look for ideas and then incorporate them into your vegetable garden.

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Easy Organic Vegetable Gardening




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