Small Organic Vegetable Garden  

Even if you have a small yard or space around your home, you can still have a small organic vegetable garden without any problems. The area of the yard should not be a deterrent if you want to grow vegetables organically.

There are three methods using which you can have a small organic vegetable garden. The first method is the intensive gardening method devised by the French nearly a century ago. Here you need to prepare the soil well by fertilizing is abundantly using organic fertilizer and then planting the vegetable plants close to one another. In this method, first prepare the vegetable bed by digging it using a spade. Then add the compost into the tilled soil along with manure until the top one-third of the soil consists solely of organic matter. Then rake the soil and add manure and bone meal. Rake it once more to make the soil smooth. Form a mound and ensure that you water it for two consecutive days before you plant the seeds or seedlings.

The second method of creating a small organic vegetable garden is by having raised beds. This is ideal if the soil is not of good quality. By having raised beds, you reduce the number of weeds, and you also do not have to bend to plant the seeds or seedlings. Use treated wooden boards to make the beds. Ensure that the beds are around twelve inches from the ground. Once you have erected the beds, fill them up with good quality organic potting soil. The soil should be three inches lower than the rim of the beds. Use manure and compost to fertilize the soil and then plant your seeds or seedlings.

Finally, the next option of having a small organic vegetable garden is by growing your vegetables in containers. This is ideal for growing vegetables on the patio, deck, backyard or even inside an apartment. Containers can easily hold vegetables like carrots, lettuce and radish. Make sure that you first fill the containers with a mixture of vermiculite, peat and organic fertilizer. Then buy organic seeds of the desired vegetables. It is best to get miniature variety of the vegetables if you have less space in the containers.

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Small Organic Vegetable Garden




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Small Organic Vegetable Garden )
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