What Is An Organic Garden ?  

If you are wondering What Is An Organic Garden ?, then you no longer have to wonder or think hard. The answer is right here, so just keep reading. Organic garden refers to a garden where plants, vegetables or fruits are grown without using chemicals or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Also, an important aspect of organic gardening is replenishing any of the natural resources taken from the soil. For instance, composting the soil to replenish nutrients, or growing legumes to increase the soil's nitrogen content.

When it comes to organic gardening, organic matter plays a big role. Organic matter refers to anything that consists of decaying plant and/or animal waste. It can be scraps from your kitchen, dead leaves, compost, manure, grass clippings, blood, and fish heads. This organic matter is used to increase the nutrients in the soil, so that they are readily available to the plants.

In an organic garden, soil plays a vital soil. If you feed the soil well with organic matter, it will in turn feed the plants. Plants derive all their nutrients, including water and air, from the soil. So, if there is clay in the soil, it will retain nutrients and water better than soil that is sandy. However, clay also tends to keep back too much water at times, but sandy soil does not. So, even if you have sandy soil in your garden, you can still have an organic garden by supplementing organic matter to the soil and improving its texture and also its suitability to grow plants.

One more part of organic gardening is controlling pests and plant diseases without resorting to chemicals. Organic gardeners use companion planting, attracting friendly bugs and birds or even handpicking the pests and weeds.

Alternatively, you can use organic sprays and homemade bug sprays to get rid of pests and weeds in your garden.

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What Is An Organic Garden




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