How To Save Money On Organic Food ?  

Many people do not opt for organic food because they think that it is an expensive proposition. However, it does not have to be expensive or a bank breaking endeavor. By just doing a little bit of planning and being a little resourceful, you can save money organic food and consume it without any problems.

The first thing is to get your facts right. As per the US FDA, there are around twelve vegetables and fruits that are contaminated by chemicals, and these are peach, strawberry, broccoli, cherry, apple, spinach, bell pepper, nectarine, grape and corn. So, these are some of the fruits and vegetables that you should not buy from the grocery. These are the foods that you looking to buy from organic markets in your neighborhood or town.

Also, rather than buying all organic foods, you should first start with just a few. So, check out the health food stores and Asian markets in your neighborhood that sell organic foods. Carry a notebook with you when visiting these places. List down the prices of the foods you are interested in each place. Later on when you sit down, you can do a comparative analysis to figure which food you should buy from where as different places will price items differently. Also, check out whether the stores have a discount membership card. If they do, you can apply for one to help you save even more money. It is also possible that some stores may be having coupons. Find out how you can get the coupons for saving money when buying organic food.

If you live in a city, then visit the farmers' market of your city. You will be able to get organic fruit, vegetable, honey, bread and jam here. Try to do your shopping in the evenings as most vendors are ready to leave for the day and they tend to drop their prices quite a bit at that time.

Buy your organic fruits and vegetables as per the growing season. For instance, organic strawberries are cheaper during summers than winters. This will also help you to plan your weekly menu.

Using these tips, you can save quite a bit of money on organic food shopping.

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How To Save Money On Organic Food




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