Is Organic Baby Food Safe ?  

Today, people have become quite health conscious and want to eat organic food. That is why many new parents wonder whether organic baby food is safe. There are many organic baby food brands that are available and majority of them have been certified by the USDA and an independent certifier.

As per different studies conducted by the EPA and the National Academy of Sciences, food grown using conventional farming methods use chemicals and these can be at least 10 times more toxic for babies and children compared to adults. As babies have lower body weights and metabolism, the chemical residues can develop quite fast in their bodies after they eat normal food. That is one of the main reasons that parents are slowly tilting towards organic baby food.

While organic baby food is no different from conventional baby food, they do not contain chemicals and toxins. The ingredients that go into making the baby food are grown and produced organically, so there is no risk of your baby being exposed to chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. The same is also true for milk that is produced organically. Here you can be assured that the milk and other dairy products manufactured organically do not contain hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals and preservatives. So, you can feed your baby organic baby food without any worries.

The fact that organic baby food does not contain anything artificial or chemical makes it easy for a baby to digest. Also, the liver is able to expel the toxins out even though it is immatured. So, this definitely means that organic baby food is safe and if possible, you should be looking to feed your baby just organic baby food at every given opportunity.

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Is Organic Baby Food Safe




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Is Organic Baby Food Safe ? )
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