How Is The Problem Of Floods Made Worse By Soil Erosion ?  

Soil erosion is a problem in many parts of the world. One of the main reasons for soil erosion is felling of trees. Due to tremendous growth in the world population, there is heavy demand for food and shelter. As a result vast tracts of forests are being cleared for agriculture and urbanization. This has led to rampant soil erosion.

What people do not realize that trees are vital not only for cleansing the air and replenishing the oxygen, they also help to hold the soil together and aid in replenishing of groundwater. When it rains, the roots of the trees create gaps in the soil.

This helps the rain water to move before it gets absorbed by the soil. However, when trees are cut down, the soil gets compacted. All the air pockets disappear. So when it rains, instead of the soil absorbing the water, the water starts gushing and places that did not have floods earlier become highly susceptible to flooding as there is no outlet for the water.

The problem of flooding has increased over the years all over the world. It has been seen that places where soil erosion is high are more prone to floods each year either when the snow melts, or when the rain season begins. This is a problem in both developed and developing countries.

Therefore, one can say that the problem of floods has worsened due to rampant soil erosion. Today, environmental agencies and governments are taking steps to decrease this problem, but a collective effort is required. Soil erosion and floods are connected. People should wake up start taking drastic measures before it becomes too late.

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How Is The Problem Of Floods Made Worse By Soil Erosion




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How Is The Problem Of Floods Made Worse By Soil Erosion ? )
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