Growing Vegetables In Small Space

Growing Vegetables In Small Space

You do not need a large plot of land to grow vegetables. In fact, you can easily grow vegetables in a small space and if you ask commercial planters, they will tell you that they want maximum yield in a limited space.

Although you do not need a large piece of land to grow a vegetable garden, you do need sufficient amount of sunlight, good soil and water. So, select you tract of land based on these considerations.

Growing vegetables in a small space is for people who have limited area available for their vegetable gardening. That is why you have think wisely before planting any vegetables. Always opt for vegetables that you really love or miss and those that are not available in your local market.

Then select vegetables that can grow in small compact spaces and these include any vegetable that has the words tiny, baby or dwarf in its name. Know the mature size of the vegetable before planting a seedling or seed. Besides compact varieties of vegetables, you can also think about growing vining vegetables like pole beans, vining cucumbers and vining squash.

Limited space allows you the luxury of opting for companion gardening. While this is often used for reducing pests in the garden, you can also use it to grow a variety of vegetables and herbs. For instance, you can grow basil next to the tomatoes or have lettuce throughout the summer as long as it receives shade from a taller plant. Grow early harvesting vegetables like spinach, radish and peas with slower growing vegetables like broccoli and peppers.

A small space means that you can also go for succession planting where you reseed vegetables that grow fast. This will work well with vegetables like beans, zucchini and lettuce.

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Growing Vegetables In Small Space