How To Start Indoor Vegetable Gardening ?

How To Start Indoor Vegetable Gardening?

Indoor vegetable gardening is popular with those people who want fresh vegetables throughout the year. In fact, when it comes to indoor vegetable gardening, you do not need a lot of space to grow the vegetables. Even people living in apartments can for this method of growing vegetables.

How to Start Indoor Vegetable Gardening:

The first step in starting your indoor vegetable garden is to decide a location in the house for your garden. Make sure that this place is one that receives a lot of sunlight during the day and is close to a window for proper ventilation.

You can use containers, pots, hanging baskets or plastic bags to grow your vegetables in. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to growing vegetables indoors. However, make sure that the containers you use have a hole at the bottom to facilitate drainage of excess water. If you intend growing vine vegetables, make sure that the containers are deep and you have proper support for the vines.

Use only lightweight soil mix and you can easily get this from a nursery or garden supply center. Put a small stone on the drainage hole that you have made in the container and then fill it put with the soil mix. Do not fill the container to the brim because you need space in the container to hold water. Now plant the vegetable seeds as per the instructions on the packet label.

Once the seeds are planted, check on them everyday. Water the containers as you feel that the soil is going dry. Do not forget to add organic fertilizer regularly to take care of the nutrient needs. Once the seeds germinate, make sure that they receive sunlight everyday. Throughout the growing season, fertilize regularly to ensure that you get fresh and healthy vegetables.

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