How Wide To Make Path In Vegetable Garden ?

How Wide To Make Path In Vegetable Garden ?

All gardens need to have paths, even a vegetable garden. A path allows you to access the vegetable garden from your house easily and helps to keep your feet clean and dry. Even though a vegetable garden is usually in the backyard, you can use the path to define the area and connect the remote vegetable patch with the rest of the house.

Therefore, one can say that a path in a vegetable garden not only allows easy access to the different vegetable beds, it also connects the vegetable garden to the house in a visual and physical sense.

The path in your vegetable garden should be to connect different areas of the garden and the backdoor of your house. It is best to keep the path as straight as possible but there is no hard and fast rule. Many people prefer giving the path a slight curve to give it a more casual look. Straight paths a considered to be more formal.

So, how wide should make the path in the vegetable garden? This is a path that will not be used by many people so it is okay to make it slightly narrower than the path in the front of your house. A narrow path from your house to the vegetable garden can actually make the backyard look bigger, especially if the vegetable garden is hidden from sight.

The path in your vegetable garden should be around 30 to 36 inches wide. You can have tertiary paths leading from this into the different beds and these will still be narrower. However, before you head to make the path in your vegetable garden, make sure that it is wide enough for you to carry your cart, wheelbarrow or any other gardening equipment you may have. For example, a path to haul a garden cart should be around 3 to 4 feet wide. If your vegetable garden is really huge and you want to use a tractor, then the path should be a minimum of 5 feet wide.

However, if you are not sure about the width of the path in your vegetable garden, it is best to keep it a little wide so that the path is comfortable and safe to walk on. If the path is going to be running close to a wall, make sure that it is at least one arm's length from the wall so that you do not have to slide against the wall while walking.

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How Wide To Make Path In Vegetable Garden