What To Put In Soil For Vegetable Garden ?

What To Put In Soil For Vegetable Garden?

The recent recession has got many people into growing their own vegetables because they want to limit their food expenses. In fact, this is not a bad idea at all and growing your own vegetables and maintaining your own vegetable garden can you some sense of pride. Also, it is healthy to spend time outdoors and you can use vegetable gardening as an effective way to relieve stress.

When it comes to vegetable gardening, you have to be very particular about its location. You need an area that gets at least 8 hours of direct sunlight and has easy access to water. You do not need a large area to grow vegetables and can start even with a small patch until you get the hang of it.

However, the most important part of vegetable gardening is the soil. The soil should be one that retains moisture, provides adequate nutrients and facilitates drainage of excess water.

Before planting seedlings or seeds, you need to till the soil to aerate it. However, before you do this, it is advisable to check the pH of the soil so that you know what kind of soil is present in your backyard and what type of additives you need to add to make the vegetable plants grow better.

In order to grow vegetables, the soil should have a pH of around 6 to 6.5. If the pH is higher or lower, you will need to add additives to make it just right for the vegetable plants. If the soil is acidic, you can add sulfur; while an alkaline soil can be made acidic by adding lime.

If the soil is hard and full of clay, you should be looking to add peat moss. This will help in the drainage and the plants will grow more easily. In addition, you should be looking to add compost and manure to provide all the nutrients that the vegetable plants need. Manure helps to increase nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels in the soil while compost provides organic matter. These two things have to be added right through the growing season.

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What To Put In Soil For Vegetable Garden