How To Sprout Fava Beans ?

How To Sprout Fava Beans ?

Fava beans have a nutritional value and are much healthier than dried beans. It is a well known fact that fava beans have a high source of protein that can help fight hypertension and Parkinson's disease. Fava beans can be used in salads, soups and sandwiches and since they are stored with energy to grow into sprouts, they remove the fats and oils and replace them with protein.

There are numerous ways to cooking fava beans but they are best when sprouted. So, how do you sprout fava beans at home?

The things you need to sprout fava beans at home are:

  • A small container in plastic will be just fine
  • Cheesecloth or loose canvas material to cover the container while allowing passage of air
  • A rubber band to secure the cloth or canvas over the container

You will need to soak the fava beans overnight in water in order to sprout them. After about twelve hours or so, you need to drain out the water and sieve them to remove the excess water. After doing this, you can place them in the plastic container and secure the lid with the cheesecloth or canvas material and the rubber band.

To get the sprouts you will have to repeat the same process over several days. After a couple of days you will see small tiny sprouts emerging from the beans. Your fava beans are now sprouted and ready to cook and eat. It is advisable to sprout the amount of fava beans that you will consume in a day or two, since they remain good only if you refrigerate them. Fava beans have tough exteriors and hence, you may need to cook them a little extra than regular beans to make them soft and edible.


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