How To Grow Brussel Sprouts ?

How To Grow Brussel Sprouts ?

Well, if you are living in the USDA zone 5 and below in the United States, then you will not have a problem growing Brussels sprouts in your vegetable garden. It does not turn into mush like other vegetables in cold weather, but are actually enhanced by few good frostings, especially its appearance and flavor. The best way to get Brussels sprouts freshness is by growing them in your very own vegetable garden.

The very basic method of growing Brussels sprouts in your garden is just like how you grow kale or cabbage. They are called a Cole crop, and just like those vegetables in this group, they can grow much better in cold temperature.

Brussels sprouts take a long time to mature. Therefore, it is best if you will plant them in the middle of the summer so that their full maturity is in the cool months of fall. You must consider putting them in your garden about three months before the first frost falls.

Furthermore, it is much better to grow Brussels sprouts from the transplants rather than opting to grow them from seeds. This allows the seedlings to develop and grow in a much cooler and shaded environment. In this way, they will have a better chance of growing and surviving the outside warm weather.

Plant the seedling around 36 inches apart in soil which is rich in nitrogen because the growing seedlings of Brussels sprouts need plenty of water and nutrients to become healthy and nutritious. Never let the ground get too dry because it will stress the plant and this, in turn, will result in a rather poor harvest.


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