Where Is Cauliflower Grown ?

Where Is Cauliflower Grown ?

Actually if you know where to grow cauliflower, it is an easy vegetable to grow. The first thing that you have to ensure before growing cauliflower is that the soil should be rich. This facilitates the growth of the vegetable. So, spend some time preparing the soil and only then plant it. Use compost or manure to make the soil fertile. This process can start as early as autumn so that by the time you plant the seeds, the soil has had sufficient time to settle down and become firm.

Besides having a rich and fertile soil, cauliflower should be grown in that part of your vegetable garden that receives the maximum sunlight. Also, make sure that you give ample water to the vegetable. Or else, be prepared to get small button heads instead of succulent large juicy cauliflower heads.

Next also check the alkalinity of the soil. Cauliflower requires a slightly alkaline soil with pH of around 6.5 to 7. It can also grow quite well in neutral pH soils. But never attempt to grow the vegetable in acidic soil. It will turn into a big disaster as the acidity will give rise to club root, which is a plant disease. To make the soil alkaline, use lime.

Plant the cauliflower seeds finally in rows after you have marked the planting area with the help of strings. Just keep making small holes along the entire length of each string and drop in the seeds. However, each string should be separated from the adjacent one by at least 10 centimeters. This seed planting can be done in a seed bed. You can transplant the seedlings in spring, once you know for certain that the soil is firm, alkaline and sufficiently fertilized to accept the seedlings.

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Where Is Cauliflower Grown