Celery And High Blood Pressure

Celery And High Blood Pressure

A common research shows that people, who are vegetarians, are less likely to suffer from blood pressure problems. They also are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular problems and diseases. Vegetarian diet usually has high fiber and mineral content. These are essential for the human body to stay healthy on a daily basis. Celery is one of the herbs that have positive effects on blood pressure.

Celery is rich in a mineral called apigenin, and it is found in number of vegetables besides celery. This ingredient helps to dilate the blood vessels. Celery is also rich in 3-n-butylphtalide, or 3nb, which is a chemical and it is known to lower blood pressure. It acts as muscle relaxant and calms the blood vessels. It also reduces the stress hormones in the body.

Indian and oriental cuisines use celery and celery seeds at large. They include it in almost every dish prepared. Chinese people consume about half a pound of celery on a daily basis.

A research that included animals indicated that when animals are fed celery everyday, blood pressure reduced. It significantly reduced the blood pressure by 15 points in a period of one month. Celery is rich in sodium, and people on low salt diet can easily have it. It solves the craving for high salt content food. Celery is also an excellent snack for people who are already using medications for hypertension.

Celery lowers blood pressure if consumed on a regular basis. It is believed that eventually eating celery can cure high blood pressure, and also reduce the dependency on medications.

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Celery And High Blood Pressure