Growing Celery Tips

Growing Celery Tips

Celery has high water content, and it also has minerals like sodium and potassium. People who like to snack should try to eat celery sticks as it is very healthy. Celery leaves can also be used in soups and juices.

Celery takes long to grow into a complete plant. It takes about five months to become a thick plant. Weather factors like hard frost can actually destroy the plant. Here are some tips for you to grow celery.

Dig the soil and layer it with some organic compost. Do this for a few weeks before planting the celery seeds. Once the soil is prepared, sow five seeds in each spot. Celery seeds are not great when it comes to germination and the ratio is miserable. One in five seeds will germinate. Sow each set of five seeds about an inch apart. The germination takes about 12 to 14 days. It needs about 70 degrees Fahrenheit to germinate.

If the weather is too hot, then celery is difficult to grow. Hot weather or hot blows can kill the plant. For celery to grow well, the soil should retain moisture. If the weather is hot, make sure you water the celery patch well. Celery requires frequent watering. Water the garden carefully because the weeds will also compete with the celery plants for sunlight and nutrients. So, try to remove the weeds as soon as they start appearing.  

You can blanch your celery by covering up the stems to prevent light reaching them. Blanching your celery will reduce some to the bitterness and will make your stalks paler. Soil or mulch can be used for blanching and should be built up as the stalks develop, about a month before you harvest the celery.

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Growing Celery Tips