How Many Carbs Are In Celery ?

How Many Carbs Are In Celery ?

Carbs is the modern word for the number of carbohydrates. Although carbohydrates are essential for the body, excess of it may result in weight gain and high blood sugar problems. People, when they eat, should make a conscious effort to reduce the carbs. Instead they should eat food with high protein values. Celery is high in water content. Many people believe that celery does not have any nutritional value. On the contrary, celery is a rich source of vitamins. It has several benefits for people who suffer from high blood pressure and hyper tension.

There is no fat content in celery since it is mostly water. There is also no cholesterol, but it helps fight cholesterol effectively. Celery helps to dilate the blood vessels and eradicates the chances of cholesterol collecting. It has about 104.4 mg sodium per cup. It has thrice the amount of potassium It has about 2 mg of dietary fibers.. The number of carbohydrates in celery is only 4 mg. Therefore, people who are dieting to lose weight can eat celery without worry about how many carbs are there in celery.

People believe that because it is a watery vegetable it is high in calories and makes them put on weight. On the contrary, the sodium content in celery makes the body retain water and as a result a person may feel bloated. However, the potassium content replaces the sodium, and effectively clears the excess water from the body eventually. Celery helps to maintain the fluid levels in the body. One cup of celery everyday has immense benefits for people.

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How Many Carbs Are In Celery