How To Keep Celery Fresh ?

How To Keep Celery Fresh ?

There are two ways in which you can use celery in your daily cooking. One is to use the leaves to make a paste or garnish dishes. The other is to use the stocks in cooking and in salads. Once you buy celery in bulk, you will find it difficult to store. Celery can rot very fast. The high water content in celery does not make it sustainable.

When you buy the celery, it usually comes in plastic containers or packets. Remove the plastic and air out the celery. Let it dry a bit so that it loses the refrigerated water. Discard all the wires or threads used to hold it secure. Separate the sticks or leaves so that air circulates throughout. Spread it out on a newspaper. Do not wash the celery. Instead, you can wash it just before using.  

Once the celery has dried, take an aluminum foil and wrap the celery stick heads in such a way so that no part of it is visible. Fold the ends of the foil and make sure that the head is completely covered. Refrigerate the whole bundle. When you want to use some celery, unwrap the foil in such a way so that it can be re-wrapped. This way the celery can be stored for at least one month.

Another way to store celery is to separate the leaves from the stalk after drying it out. Keep the stock in a longish air tight container and the leaves in another container. This also keeps the celery for about three weeks without losing its flavor.

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How To Keep Celery Fresh