How To Grow Cucumbers ?

How To Grow Cucumbers ?

You can easily grow cucumber if you go about growing it the correct way. In order to know how to grow cucumber, you need to make yourself aware of some facts. This way you will not go wrong.

Cucumbers love warm and sunny places. If the climate is cold, you can still grow cucumbers indoors. However, make sure that the temperature indoors is maintained between 65 degrees Fahrenheit and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

In addition, cucumber plants need a lot of water. Therefore, make sure that the soil is always moist. In addition, the soil should have a good drainage system so that surplus water can drain away with clogging up the soil. You will also need to introduce adequate compost and mulch to the soil so that there are sufficient nutrients for the plants.

Pay close attention to the pH of the soil. Cucumber plants flourish in alkaline pH soils. Always maintain the pH of the soil between 6 and 7.

Make half inch holes in the soil the soil and drop in a few seeds in each hole. The seeds will germinate in a week. Do not plant seeds if your region has experienced frost. This will delay the germination, or the seeds will not germinate. Wait for 2 weeks after the frost has disappeared and the weather is warm to plant the seeds. Once the seedlings are a month old, mulch the soil and add organic fertilizer. Mulching will prevent the growth of weeds and facilitate moisture retention in the soil.

Soon, the plants will start producing the fruits. Harvest the cucumbers when they are of moderate size. If you leave the fruits too long, they will turn bitter and seedy.

The beauty of growing cucumber plants is that they can be grown both indoors and outdoors. If you are growing them indoors, use plastic pots and build a proper trellis for the vines.

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