How To Cut Eggplant ?

How To Cut Eggplant ?

If you want to use eggplant for a recipe, you should also know how to cut eggplant. Usually most recipes involving eggplant may ask you dice, cube or mash the vegetable. However, these recipes will not tell certain tips that make the task of cutting the vegetable easily.

Most recipes will require round slices and lengthwise slices. If the recipe requires the skin, then choose eggplants that are small and tender. These will have thinner skins. Usually round slices are used when grilling or broiling. However, you can skin the vegetable in this case before cutting the slices.

Usually you cut the vegetable lengthwise when you are grilling it, or when the recipe involves layering as in baking. To cut the vegetable lengthwise, first cut off both ends so that you can stand the vegetable upright. Then using a sharp knife, cut from top to bottom into the desired length and thickness.

If you are sautéeing, broiling or frying in a pan, you will require the slices to be around half inch to one inch in size. Remember, in these methods of cooking, the pieces will shrink to half their size after they are cooked. So, keep this in mind when cutting and dicing the vegetable.

If you intend boiling the eggplant, make sure you cube it into one inch cubes. This way you will need only around 5 minutes to cook the vegetable.

Eggplant starts darkening in color after it is cut. In order to prevent this discoloration, brush the vegetable with lemon juice, or immerse it into salt water. This should be done as you are cutting, slicing or dicing.

The easiest way to get chunks or cubes is by halving the vegetable into two lengthwise. Then without removing the skin, make diagonal slashes into the pulp of the vegetable. These zigzag cuts will make it easy for you to scoop out the pieces without the skin or peeling the skin.

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