Sauteed mushroom recipe - Types of mushrooms

Types Of Mushrooms           There are literally thousands of varieties of mushrooms in the world. However, when most people think of these fungi, they think of the edible variety. Care should be taken to find out if the mushroom you have located is edible or not, as there are many poisonous ones around.More...


Sauteed Mushroom Recipe

Sauteed Mushroom Recipe

When you are sautéing mushrooms, remember that the oil must be very hot, the mushrooms very dry, and you should take care that the mushrooms do not crowd the pan. This is because if they do so, they will steam instead of sauté and will not brown nicely.More...



Are Mushrooms Considered Vegetables ?

Are Mushrooms Considered Vegetables

Botanists classify mushrooms as fungi. They belong to neither the animal nor the plant kingdom, but belong to an entirely different kingdom. They propagate by releasing spores. They have neither leaves nor roots. However, most vegetarians consider them to be a vegetable.More...



Are Mushrooms Good For You ?

Are Mushrooms Good For You

Most mushrooms are good for health. However, the widely available button mushrooms have some carcinogens in them. In order to remove these carcinogens, button mushrooms should be cooked over high heat. Mushrooms have a very high nutritional value and are part of the US Department of Food’s food pyramid.More...




Edible Mushrooms Identification

Edible Mushrooms Identification

All the edible mushrooms have some distinctive feature or the other. It is wise to stick to known mushrooms to avoid the poisonous ones. Another thing about mushrooms is their location. The edible ones are found in distinct locations. Make a note of this point to help you identify edible mushrooms.More...

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