Tips for growing okra - How to freeze okra

Tips For Growing Okra        Okra is not too difficult to grow. It is a wonder vegetable that has unique health benefits. All you need is to grow them in your garden and enjoy its benefits. It needs a rich and well draining soil. It is not too finicky about the pH of the soil, but it will certainly not grow in soggy soils.More...


Hydroponic Okra

Hydroponic Okra

Okra is a green vegetable with variety of health benefits. You can grow it in whatever manner you may wish to. You can grow it naturally in your garden or as a hydroponic plant. Hydroponic okras are okras that are grown without soil. This method has become quite popular nowadays due to the results it achieves. Most people think that these okras are grown with their roots suspended into water. This is just one way to grow hydroponic okra. There are many other ways.More...


How To Freeze Okra ?

How To Freeze Okra

Okra grows in plenty in the summer season. So, if you have an excess supply of okra, freeze it for use in the winter. Select young and tender okra, which are not more than four inches long. Make sure they are not bruised or spotted. Freeze them when they are fresh as okra tends to spoil quickly otherwise.More...



How To Make Pickled Okra ?

How To Make Pickled Okra

Okra is basically a summer vegetable that has a lot of pods. You can eat them plain or toss them into your salads. Either way, they taste quite good. And if you want your okra even in winter months, then the best option is to pickle it.More...


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