How Long To Bake A Potato?  

A large sized potato should be baked for about an hour at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. To bake potatoes, make sure that all the potatoes are of similar size. Otherwise, some will be overdone, while others underdone.

Wash them well but do not peel them. Scrub them properly, taking care not to bruise the peel. Use a fork and stab the potatoes between 6 and 12 times all around. The number of piercings depends on the size of your potato. This allows the steam to escape during the baking process. Apply any edible oil like olive oil or canola oil all over the potatoes in a light film. Sprinkle the potatoes generously with salt. Then wrap each potato individual in aluminum foil and place it in the oven. You should use the top rack of the oven to bake potatoes.

After an hour, test by inserting a sharp knife into the middle of the potato. It should be soft and the knife should go in easily. The skin should be golden brown in color besides being crispy and slightly swollen. The potatoes should be squishy. If the potatoes are not completely baked, let them stay in the oven for another few minutes.  

You can eat them with your favorite toppings now. Just break open the potato and add the topping of your choice. However, be careful when breaking open the potatoes as they can retain heat for quite some time. You can also add grate cheese over the baked potato.

This is the easiest way to bake potatoes. They are really tasty when done this way. Use russet potatoes if you can get them as they bake very well. Otherwise any large sized potato should do as well. If you like to eat the crisp skin, then choose medium sized potatoes as you will have more peel this way.


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