How To Grow Potatoes ?  

Potatoes need a lot of sunlight to grow. The plants can grow a lot of roots, and they grow well in light, loose, and well-drained, loamy soil. However, the soil should also have the ability to retain moisture. If the soil is mildly acidic, it is best. However, as potatoes are highly adaptable, they will yield a reasonable crop even if the soil conditions are not just right.

Potatoes are not adversely affected by light frost. They can be planted in early spring, with a late crop around the third week of June. The soil should be moist, not wet or soggy. You need to germinate your seed potatoes in warmth and lots of light two weeks before you plan to plant them. This will help the seeds to sprout. A day or two before you plant your crop of potatoes, use a sharp knife and slice each seed potato into individual seeds. Within the next two days the seeds will form a thick scab-like cover over the cuts. This will prevent the seeds from rotting once they are planted.

Make sure that the rows are at least three feet apart. The seeds should be spaced 15 inches apart in a row and they should be sown at a depth of around 8 inches. As potatoes need lots of sunlight to grow, choose a sunny spot in your garden for your potato beds. The soil too should be well drained and moist. Avoid areas prone to water logging as this will rot the potatoes. Start your first crop in early spring and you will have time for a second crop as well. You will then have enough potatoes to store for the winter months.

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How To Grow Potatoes




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