Are Pumpkins Considered A Fruit Vegetable  

There is a big confusion about pumpkin being a fruit or vegetable. The same goes for tomato too. However, it is very important to understand what is the definition of fruit and a vegetable in order to classify pumpkin. Botanically the meaning of fruit is a ripened ovary, which has seeds within it and comes from a flowering plant. Therefore, a fruit is a ripened ovary and also has tissues around the ovary.

Most flowering plants use the fruits to circulate the seeds. Some of the examples of fruits are apple, plums, mangoes and orange. There are several more of them. In case of a vegetable, most vegetables are themselves the seeds of the plant. Like green peas, potatoes, peppers and so on.

However, in some cases it becomes extremely difficult to identify whether it is a vegetable or a fruit as there is no clear distinction. Some of the fruits which are difficult to segregate are pumpkin, tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers and squash. These fruits or vegetables can be consumed raw and also cooked. People have multiple uses for them. For example, pumpkin is used to make soups, bake pies and even make dishes. Pumpkins are also consumed raw. So, there is really no distinction when it comes to whether it is a fruit or vegetable. Even scientifically it is very difficult to prove because pumpkin grows from a seed. So, most of the times pumpkins get classified in both the categories, and they are called fruit or a vegetable depending on its culinary usage.

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Are Pumpkins Considered A Fruit Vegetable




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