How To Make A Radish Flower ?

How To Make A Radish Flower ?

Although radish is consumed in salads, many people make radish flowers to decorate their dishes on special occasions. You can create a beautiful radish flower to add that extra touch to your dish or salad or the dinner table. The best part is that a radish flower is made from fresh radish and it can be eaten. Here is how to make a radish flower.

Take the radish and wash it thoroughly to get rid of all the dirt. Now cut a stems and the top. You can discard these as you will not be needing them further. Now place the radish on your cutting board with the cut surface resting on the board.

Take a sharp paring knife and start making incisions around quarter inch from the outer edge of the radish. The incision should be around three-fourths way down the side and you should take care not to cut the entire way. Once the first incision is made, turn the radish around and keep making the incisions until there are around 4 cuts in total along the diameter of the radish.

Once you have finished, place the radish into a bowl of ice cold water and allow it to chill in the refrigerator for a few hours. This will prompt the outer edges of the incisions to curl giving the appearance of a flower.

When you want to decorate the dish or salad, remove the radish flower from the water, and dry it thoroughly by gently patting it with a paper towel. Then place it on the dish as you see fit.


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How To Make A Radish Flower