Care Of Rhubarb Plants  

Though rhubarb plants do not require too much care like other plants, if you give it proper attention, you would be able to get much better stalks to make cakes, pies, tarts and other desserts. Rhubarb plants grow every year if you plant them in the right manner and tend to the soil well.

The first thing on your care list for rhubarb plants should be the soil. You will need to keep adding garden compost to the soil, preferably an inch or two away from the plant. You can do this when the plants have withered or just after frost. You can also add slow releasing organic fertilizer around the plants during the month of February, since this would give the fertilizer sufficient time to work its way through the soil. Irrespective of whether the day is warm or cold, keep adding the fertilizer.

Water is needed for rhubarb plants to grow well. Though the plants can survive on just rainfall, it is necessary to keep the soil moist on a dry or summer day. Remove all weeds the moment they appear and when you see your rhubarbs flowering, cut away the flower heads. The reason for removal of flower heads is to help the plant produce a strong stalk. If you do not remove the flower heads, the plant can never have a strong stalk.

If you want to keep rhubarb plants for the future, you can divide a five or six-year old plant into smaller plants, and they will continue to grow just the same way as they did before.


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Care Of Rhubarb Plants




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