Grow Time Of Cherry Tomatoes

Grow Time Of Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are usually grown after the frost season is over and the weather turns warm. Also, the soil should be well fertilized before you plant any cherry tomato plants. Usually the growing time of cherry tomatoes is around 2 months, provided the weather does not turn cold.

If you intend growing this variety of tomatoes, it is best to start with saplings that you can grow indoors just as the frost is disappearing. This will allow you have healthy saplings and the weather will also stabilize.

Before transplanting the saplings to the garden, dig holes and place limestone at the bottom of each hole. It is said that putting limestone like prevents the rotting of the blossoming stems. Transplantation should be carried out when the saplings are around 6 to 10 inches in height. If you do so before the saplings attain this height, in all probability, they will die.

Remember to fertilize the soil at least once a month. Also, once the saplings have taken root after being transplanted, you can pinch of the new growths that appear at the joint where the branches meet the main stem of the plant. By doing this, you are ensuring that the plants get sufficient nutrients. Or else, the nutrients are sucked by these new growths.

Do not forget to put stakes at the time of transplantation. This way you will not be causing any damage to the delicate roots of the sapling. Also, the stakes will provide the support the plants need once they get heavy with the cherry tomatoes. In addition, when transplanting the saplings, make sure that you leave ample space between each plant so that they can grow without any hindrance.

Once the cherry tomatoes appear, you need to wait until they turn red before plucking them. You should get enough cherry tomatoes from your plants to keep you going the entire summer.

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Grow Time Of Cherry Tomatoes