Nutritional Value Of A Tomato

Nutritional Value Of A Tomato

Whether you want to call a tomato a fruit or a vegetable, it does not detract from the fact that tomato has high nutrient value. Tomatoes are a rich source of Vitamin C besides also containing Vitamin A, B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Also, tomatoes contain fiber, chromium and folate.

However, there is one compound that is making news of late and that is lycopene, which is present in the tomatoes. It is an anti-oxidant and experts claim that it has the ability to fight several diseases like prostrate cancer. Therefore, tomatoes are highly recommended for men. Besides prostrate cancer, lycopene also protect against breast cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer and lung cancer. In addition, this anti-oxidant also helps to protect cells from free radicals.

Studies have also shown that lycopene can be beneficial for the heart, and slows the progress of cataract formation and macular degeneration.

Nutritional value of tomatoes should not be taken lightly. Tomatoes also contain Vitamin B6, potassium, niacin and folate in large quantities. All these compounds protect the heart from disease. Niacin is good for people with high cholesterol, while potassium is know to lower high blood pressure. On the other hand, Vitamin B6 converts homocysteine in the body into a harmless form. Homocysteine is related to increased risk of strokes and heart attacks.  

The fiber content of the tomato aids in regular bowel movements and also helps to prevent the onset of colon cancer. Riboflavin is the answer for people who suffer from migraines and heads.

Finally, tomatoes contain low levels of sodium, fats and calories, making it the ideal food for dieters.

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Nutritional Value Of A Tomato