What Make Leaves Of Tomato Plant Turning Yellow ?

What Make Leaves Of Tomato Plant Turning Yellow ?

If the leaves of your tomato plant are turning yellow, you might be wondering what makes the leaves of tomato plant turn yellow. The basic reason for this could be over watering. However, if you notice the bottom leaves turning yellow before the leaves located on the top, then your plant could be suffering from magnesium deficiency.

To combat this problem, you can add Epsom salt to the water and then water the plant. Or else, you can purchase a good foliage spray and use it on the plant. Although this remedial process will not convert the yellow leaves to green, you will prevent the green leaves from yellowing.

Another reason for tomato leaves to turn yellow is nitrogen deficiency. Supplement the soil with a high nitrogen fertilizer and see whether it helps. If it does not, then it is quite possible that the plant is suffering from early blight.

Early blight, or Alternaria alternate, is a fungal infection that causes the lower leaves to first turn yellow. This fungal infection usually occurs in summer when there is too much rain and humidity. If you brown or black spots on the leaves, then you can be sure that the plant is suffering from early blight. The recourse for this infection is spraying the plant with fungicide to reduce the problem. However, it will not eliminate the fungus.

If early blight affects your tomato plant, destroy all the tomatoes that have the infection. Also, refrain from planting any plants from the nightshade family for at least a year. Do not use the infected plants in your compost heap as the infection may spread the following year.

The only way to avoid this fungal infection is to prevent it from occurring. Make sure that you plant the tomatoes far apart, and do not allow water to drip over the plants. Instead use the drip irrigation method to water the plants.

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What Make Leaves Of Tomato Plant Turning Yellow