When Should I Plant Tomatoes ?

When Should I Plant Tomatoes ?

The best part about growing tomatoes is that the plants can grow in practically any type of soil. However, what the plants really need is a warm temperature. In fact, most tomato plants will not grow until the temperature reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are wondering when to plant tomatoes, you first need to decide whether you want to use seeds or seedlings.

If you are using seeds, plant them in small pots around six to eight weeks before the anticipated last frost date in your region. Make sure the pots are moist. Once the seeds germinate, transfer the pots to an area that has ample light. However, before the seedlings form roots, you should transplant them into bigger pots. Also, this is the time to start keeping the pots out for short duration to allow the seedlings to acclimatize themselves.

If you are using seedlings to grow tomatoes, make sure you buy healthy ones with green leaves. Also, only buy those seedlings that will grow well in your region.

Another factor to consider when buying seeds or seedlings is whether you want to buy determinate or indeterminate plants. Determinate plants tend to grow till a particular point after which they cease growing. They are considered ideal for people who are looking to grow tomatoes in pots or do not have sufficient space. Also, they yield tomatoes early in the season. On the other hand, indeterminate tomatoes are those that need the support of stakes and grow quite tall. They produce tomatoes late in the growing season.

Remember, you should transplant the seedling only when the outside temperature has reached 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This warm temperature will spur growth and with proper and regular watering, you will get a good yield of tomatoes.

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When Should I Plant Tomatoes