Ways To Cook Zucchini  

Zucchini may look boring, but there are several creative ways to cook it and it can be very delicious vegetable. By itself, zucchini has a tangy taste because of the high Vitamin C content. Also, zucchini is an excellent salad vegetable. Zucchini can be had raw as a salad vegetable or it can be cooked or baked.

In order to have it raw, you can mix the vegetable with cucumbers and lettuce and make an interesting salad. You can chop zucchini into fine bits or slice it up. You can also use a ranch dressing to add more taste and flavor to the zucchini salad.

You can have raw zucchini with blue cheese dressing for a snack.

You can bake zucchini with cheese and butter. Also, add pepper and garlic flakes for the extra flavor. You can bake the zucchini until the parmesan cheese turns golden brown in color.

Zucchini can also be deep fried in tempura batter. Several vegetables are deep fried and served as an assortment in Japanese tempura. Zucchini is one of them, and it also happens to be the most relished one. Zucchini has a rich tangy taste and by deep frying it in oil you are only enhancing the rich tangy taste. You can eat it deep fried or add a sauce or dip to it and eat.

There are hundreds of dishes in various cuisines that include zucchini in an interesting way. Zucchini is also made into soups in Italy. Zucchini is added on the top of baked frittata. When zucchini is sautéed with basil pesto and spinach, it serves as a great side dish.

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Ways To Cook Zucchini




Zucchini-Recipes      There are hundreds of zucchini recipes available on the Internet, and the sky is the limit. There are all kinds of possibilities like low carb diets to rich savory sauces and recipes with zucchini. Also the usage of zucchini changes along with every cuisine. Many cuisines in the world like Japanese, Mexican, American, French and Italian cuisine use zucchini. More..




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