Ways To Stop Ozone Depletion  

There are various ways and methods we can use to stop ozone depletion.

Many scientists advice to minimize aircraft flights at high altitudes because it causes pollution and as a result it creates water vapor deposition and oxygen reduction. By minimizing rocket flights also water vapor deposition can be minimized. Growing as many plants and trees as possible and keeping a check on deforestation is a big step towards putting a stop on ozone depletion. Every year so many forests and trees are being cut for wood and other uses which no one bothers to grow again. Plants and trees produce oxygen which is very useful not only for the mankind but also for the atmosphere.

High Temperature steam and other industrial waste also is a big cause of ozone depletion. If this can be controlled by finding proper ways of discharging these waste materials our ozone layer can be protected. Countries should also put a stop on the production and release of Ozone depleting chemicals such as CFS and HCFS. CFS and HCFS play a big role in depleting the ozone layer. Other alternatives should be used in place of these to keep our environment clean and safe.

Ozone friendly labeled products should be brought in use by individuals and corporate. We must also keep our vehicle air conditioning checked for any leakages. Also vehicles which are run by CNG or LPG must be used instead of vehicles run by fuels like petrol or diesel. In schools also children must be educated to keep the environment clean and friendly by clean fuels.

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Ways To Stop Ozone Depletion




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Causes-Of-Ozone-Depletion      Ozone is the layer of colourless gas formed by the ultravilot radiation on oxygen found in the upper atmosphere of the earth in the stratosphere that prevents the ultravilot radiations coming from the son to reach earth and thus prevents the life on earth. It was first foun out in 1970 that ozone layer was getting depleted due to industrial wastes, smoke from factories and vehicles, deforestation and various other man made pollutants. Since then many researches and studies have been carried out to find out causes and effects of ozone depletion and how to prevent our ozone layer to get depleted any further. More..




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