Ways To Prevent Soil Erosion  

       Soil erosion is but a natural process. It happens everywhere. The issue with soil erosion is that when it blows or washes away the top soil, the land becomes totally or less unfit for crop growing. The tops soil has most of the nutrients that are needed for growth of any vegetation.


The tops soil has most of the nutrients that are needed for growth of any vegetation. This removes the chance for most cultivation which is a big issue especially when it comes to farming land.  There are also other reasons that it is detrimental to plant life. The constant water erosion of a patch of land leaves a dry path of the water flow making the land unleveled which is not optimum for growth of cultivated crops and vegetation.  The remnant of water erosion allows for seeds to break through and absorb water (rain water) with difficulty. More...


Stopping Soil Erosion

Stopping Soil Erosion               There are many ways in which soil erosion can be stopped and a lot of them are not very difficult to implement. One way to do it is to maintain good ground cover. The easiest and practical way to do this is to sow a cover crop or a companion crop.The non cash crop will ensure that the soil stays put while the cash crop gets to use all the nutrients and the other advantages of having the top soil stay put. Retaining cereal stubble goes the extra mile of supplying organic matter in between harvest and sowing the next set of seeds.

An even better method is direct drilling. It cuts down costs a whole lot and involves direct input of organic material into the soil. This can be appropriated for any kind of soil so that the soil gets the best benefits. It lessens the work that needs to be done to see that the best is got out of the soil that the soil stays unerodedMore...





Global Warming:

How-Is-The-Problem-Of-Floods-Made-Worse-By-Soil-Erosion      Floods and soil erosion go hand in hand. To start with, floods cause soil erosion. When floods occur, they take all the top soil and take it down to the sea, river or other water body. If the flood occurs in places where there is vegetation and trees, then there is not much erosion because the trees and vegetation hold the soil together. More..




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