Definition Of Enhanced Greenhouse Effect  

Greenhouse effect is a natural process of the Earth, without which we would all freeze to death. The natural greenhouse effect is a phenomenon that is created by heat energy. It uses the heat from the sun to heat up the gas molecules present in the atmosphere. Sunlight passes through these gases to reach the earth and it also heats up the gases. This can be defined as the natural greenhouse effect.

Greenhouse effect is a steady cycle that cannot be disturbed. The earth balances the temperature by keeping the amount of energy it absorbs from the sun steady. The natural greenhouse maintains the temperature of the Earth at a steady 14 degree Celsius. However, this temperature has been changing ever since pollution started.

Today, the world’s average temperature itself has increased and is much higher. This is known as the enhanced greenhouse effect. Scientists are still figuring out what the enhanced greenhouse effect outcome will be. The overall repercussion will be that the earth will be a much warmer place and all over the world people will experience summer like temperatures, throughout the year.

Today, the Earth’s warming up is being referred to as a phenomenon called global warming. It is a national and international issue for almost all countries. Each country in the world is responsible for contributing to the green house effect in its own way. However, as an effort to minimize the overall damage, around 150 countries have signed the United Nations Convention for Climate Change.

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Definition Of Enhanced Greenhouse Effect




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