What Causes Pollution ?  

The causes of pollution are manifold. Each kind of pollution is caused by different factors.

Air pollution is caused as a result of industrialization, modernization and population explosion. Industries use fossil fuels to meet their energy requirements. Vehicles also work by burning fossil fuels. Burning of fossil fuels results in the release of harmful gases like sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide etc into the atmosphere. Particulate matter also remains suspended in the air. These toxins and particles cause health problems like breathing trouble, rhinitis, asthma etc. They also combine with water and results in the formation of acid rain which destroys buildings, monuments and fauna. Refrigerators, copying machines, cleaning fluids, vinyl moldings etc also release harmful gases into the air although in minute amounts.

Water pollution is caused by industrial and household waste, the leaching of chemicals from the soil into water, leakage of underground storage reservoirs, dumping of waste from ships, oils spills and so on. Untreated sewage and industrial waste containing toxins like lead, mercury, asbestos etc can kill aquatic flora and fauna. It also harms human life since these substances enter the food chain. Oil spills kill thousands of fishes and birds since oil forms a thick film over the water and reduces oxygen levels. It also destroys the insulating properties of feathers and skin.

Land pollution is caused by the dumping of household and industrial waste on pieces of land. Solid non biodegradable waste like plastic, metal, bottles, cans etc can remain as it is for thousands of years and destroys aesthetic beauty. Mining waste like coal and slag is also often dumped onto land. Chemicals like pesticides and insecticides that are used to treat crops also often seep into the soil and cause pollution.

Noise pollution is caused by unnecessary blaring of horns, music played at high volume, reckless use of loudspeaker and microphones, supersonic jets and so on.

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What Causes Pollution





What-Is-Pollution      Pollution refers to the contamination of air, water and soil by harmful chemicals and toxins. The substances which cause pollution are referred to as pollutants. Pollution is not restricted to one country or area. It affects the whole world at large. Similarly, a single person or institution is not responsible for pollution. It is a result of the combined activities of several organizations and people. More..




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