Air Pollution Causes  

Air pollution has many causes – some of them mainly because we over do it. With something as simple of emission of carbon-dioxide, if we had enough trees there would not have too much carbon dioxide in the air.

But if we compromise on green space, especially when it is a rarity in urban areas, we only bring on an issue that could have been easily solved if we kept the trees.

When we go into deeper problems like emission of industrial wastes into the atmosphere how much ever we may build in industries in zones, we are only trying to balance the fact that we want the perks of the industries with the prospect of cleaner air which clearly do not go together.

There are also smaller reasons that air pollution is caused by homes and such. Studies shows that air inside closed buildings is so much more polluted than air in the open.  The reason is not just ventilation but also goes as far as the actual material used in the tiles/floors/walls etc., the use of machines like copiers and phones and even the furniture and what they are made of.  One of the gases emitted include Radon-222 – a gas that is as deadly as smoking – passive or active.

One thing that can large scale air pollution is the use of less carbon based gases while option for renewable sources of energy to fuel our lives, factories and vehicles – despite the higher investment it is a safer investment for the future.

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Air Pollution Causes





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