Effects Of Air Pollution In Humans  

Breathing in polluted air is one of the starts of numerous health problems that the world faces today.

It is the initial cause of the many diseases that have plagued the world. Any possible pollutant that is being released has some long term or short term effect on the body.It affects skin, cancer, lungs and causes lead poisoning which contributes to mental retardation, coma and a lot of times death. People who work in the vicinity of factories and cities are most prone to these effects. This polluted air poses a larger risk to people who are already affected by breathing diseases.       

By proper standards of health, polluted air consists of 50 micrograms of particulate matter in each cubic foot of air. This figure is for a whole year of pollution. This may not be the figure that affects because it is an average figure and the years highest plays a large role in it.

Cities have seen an onslaught of allergies, breathing problems, asthama and eye problems among others. What is noticed when people go out of the city is that because of the air there which is much greener, these problems almost disappear. Thus, these are not diseases. These similar effects are seen when people spend more time indoors then outdoors in the city.

Most steps that be taken to curb this as much as possible is that we go green, drive less – or better make the best of solar power, wind power as such. This is the certain future of a world that we can walk in to and breathe and live in healthily.    

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Effects Of Air Pollution In Humans





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Effects Of Air Pollution In Humans )
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