How Does Air Pollution Affect Global Warming ?  

The phenomena of global warming and air pollution have been linked for years with rallies and lots of noise about the doing something about it. Well, the basic phenomenon is that it does.

Let us understand the two to see the link. The atmosphere that is around Planet Earth has many layers that give it what is called the Greenhouse Effect.  One of the functions of these layers is to disallow the ultraviolet radiation from the Sun from entering the Earth and also keeps the heat on the planet.  

From among the pollutants that we produce nowadays, there are some gases that increase the Greenhouse Effect which only eventually makes the Earth warmer. The gases that are responsible for this are carbon dioxide, methane (which is about times 21 the strength that carbon dioxide has) and nitrous oxide. These gases are largely produced by vehicles emissions, smoke from factories and other emissions.

Now the effect of global warming is monstrous. For one, all the ice caps are going to melt considerably to raise the sea level thus drowning almost all the islands and a considerable part of mainland on the planet. Other effects are the climate change that will affect vegetation and the supporting animals will not be able to sustain themselves. Considering the possibilities that could be, the whole could almost be flooded destroying mankind forever. Global warming could hit us before we know if we go on doing our bit to make the Earth as warmer as we are already making it.       

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How Does Air Pollution Affect Global Warming





Prevention-And-Air-Pollution      Reducing air pollution is one of the first steps that we can take and take immediately to promise our generations to come of a better and healthier planet that we live in. These can be done in the simplest of ways starting from the individual to the organization. On the individual basis, one can start going green or going as green as possible by car pooling, walking a lot more, using public transport, cycling and doing what you can to reduce as much as possible your carbon emission. More..




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How Does Air Pollution Affect Global Warming ? )
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