What Is Air Pollution ?  

Air pollution is when foreign substances are released into the air. These can be substances, gases and other materials are releases into the atmosphere.

With the release of foreign substances, the life systems that the atmosphere supports go into an imbalance – human life, plant life and all other life systems that are there. To prevent this decay of life that will happen (and is happening as a result), there is an effort to try and reduce pollution.There are many ways that pollution occurs. One is from carbon dioxide emission mostly from vehicles and most other machines that use carbon based gases. This has been augmented by the cutting down of trees and removing of vegetation that actually absorb this. Then there are industries that emit huge amount of polluting articles with a host of gases and particles like sulphur, nitrogen and other such gases that gather and form smog and subsequently. This comes down with precipitation and forms acid rain which pollutes the water and the land with these acids.

There are many efforts on to stop air pollution all over the world so that the world doesn’t get destroyed. Governments are signing worldwide treaties. Countries are adopting nationwide go green campaigns. Non renewable sources of energy are being adopted. The world in understanding that going green is the only way that we can keep the world green like the way it is meant to run. As we have seen, messing with the way it was meant to run is not working.

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What Is Air Pollution





Air-Pollution-Causes      Air pollution has many causes – some of them mainly because we over do it. With something as simple of emission of carbon-dioxide, if we had enough trees there would not have too much carbon dioxide in the air. But if we compromise on green space, especially when it is a rarity in urban areas, we only bring on an issue that could have been easily solved if we kept the trees. More..




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