Cause Of Soil Pollution  

Soil pollution is the most severe problem facing mankind today.  It can be described as the contamination of soil in a region. 

Pollution of soils with mostly chemicals that are present in higher concentrations can have adverse effects on humans & animals. Soil pollution is a result of many activities and experiments some of them leading to soil.

Some of the causes are:

  1. Waste which is not managed properly can lead to release of sewage & waste material into the soil & rivers nearby.
  2. Industrial wastes, harmful gases, pesticides etc.
  3. Oil dumps
  4. Landfills
  5. Harmful irrigation practices
  6. Gas stations with old gas tanks
  7. Dumping of vehicle oil

Soil pollution is the addition of toxic chemicals, microorganisms and radioactive elements to the soil layer. These interfere in the mineral content of the soil & adversely affect the fertility of the soil. The causes are numerous as we have seen. But unless we take immediate steps to stop this pollution we are creating a very big problem for mankind & this planet.

Today there are numerous methods that are being experimented to decontaminate the soil. We should understand the gravity of the situation & see how our negligence can lead to very big problems for the whole planet & endanger our future.


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Cause Of Soil Pollution





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