Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Recycling  

Many of us do not really care to recycle compact fluorescent light bulbs. Once the bulb gets busted, we simply throw it into the garbage bin and forget about it. Now, just because the busted fluorescent lamp is already out of our sight that does not mean that the bulb no longer poses hazards to the environment.

You see, compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury and when not disposed of property, the mercury content of the light bulb can cause health problems. Fortunately, fluorescent light bulbs can be recycled and put to good use.

Should you recycle your own compact bulbs at home? No, you should not attempt to recycle these bulbs on your own. As mentioned before, compact fluorescent light bulbs contain mercury so unless you have the training and the right facilities recycle them, you should leave the recycling part to the experts.

Local waste management office and major light bulb retailers usually have extensive recycling programs for these items. Check with your local retailer and see if they accept old fluorescent bulbs for recycling. You may also check with your municipal waste management office if they have drop-off points for items that contain mercury. If your local authorities say yes, bring your busted light bulbs to the designated drop off points.

In case your bulb gets broken, do not handle the broken piece with your bare hands. Use gloves in picking up the glass fragments and use a stiff cardboard to scoop the powder from the broken bulb. Put the glass fragments and powder inside a double bag before you bring it to the drop off point.

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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Recycling




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